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Secondary school drop in

Unfortunatly, due to the Coronavirus/Covid-19 outbreak, we have cancelled the remaining Secondary School drop-in sessions of the academic year. We are developing a webpage cotaining Secondary School Maths Resources that you may find helpful.

The MSC at Maynooth University is offering free mathematics drop-in support to secondary schools on Monday evenings from 6-8pm.

Online Resources: Students are encouraged to access our dedicated Secondary School Resources page, which contains material relevant to topics covered with students in the MSC. An extensive range of further materials are also available from our general Online Resources, where students may find other beneficial support.

Who it is for? Students from any secondary school, any year and any level are welcome to attend.

Where is it located? The sessions are held in The Social Learning Room on the ground floor of The Library. This is located on the South Campus of Maynooth University.

When does it run? These sessions will recommence in October 2020.

Note that the sessions are only possible during Maynooth University term time, some of these (especially in semester 2) do not overlap with school days but we would still encourage students to attend at these times.

How does it work? Students come along to the sessions, there is no need to book an appointment. They can come and leave at any time that suits them during the session. We ask students to bring their notes and all relevant material. We take attendance to ensure that we have a sufficient number of tutors available. Help will be provided free of charge by experienced tutors on a first come, first served basis.

The sessions are drop-in, so they are not an organised class nor are they on specific topics. They are not grinds. Students attend, on their own or in groups, and they work on their own material. When they encounter a difficultly, one of the tutors will help them when they are free. The tutors strive to assist students with any queries that they have, they will not do students' homework for them but will help with methods and any queries that students have regarding mathematics.

What do students and parents think? Feedback from both parents and from students who use it regularly and appropriately is very positive, here are some sample comments:

  • Before I came, didn't think I'd do well, now I think I have the ability for higher level, I now understand the topic and can keep up.
  • Before coming here I was afraid of Project Maths, the MSC has built up my confidence in my abilities
  • I feel I know how to better approach a problem
  • Just wanted to drop you a note to say that my daughter, who is a 2nd year student in Maynooth Post Primary School, has attend the maths support for the past 4 weeks…I am writing to say thank you so much for this service. She has gained so much confidence in her ability since attending and the help she is receiving from the tutors is really beneficial. She looks forward to attending and comes out with a spring in her step. (Parent, 2014)


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